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Sit Well. Work Well.
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byHenrietta onSit Well. Work Well.
Exactly what I needed

Thanks to Alan, I have already noticed significant changes. I no longer get back aches and it is so much easier for me
to get to sleep. I have been able to incorporate the
different techniques that Alan recommended me, and now I can get through my online classes and essays with no
problem. It's so important to accustom the way we work to the demands we are now facing due to covid, in order to
make sure that we are taking good care of ourselves. I
don't think I would have even noticed how important
alignment is for our bodies if it wasn't for this.

Thanks again Alan.

byCam onSit Well. Work Well.

Such a helpful course! This year has been a lot of sitting in front of computers for long hours. After having taken part in this course i have been provided with a information tailored to me which has allowed me to improve my posture and well being whilst spending so much time working. Definitely recommend. Useful for everyone, not just those who work at a desk!

byJoe onSit Well. Work Well.

After the consultation, I received an information packet tailored for me that I have been using to adjust the way I work online - over the last week I've really noticed a difference in my comfort and my alignment. Strongly recommend!

byAmelia onSit Well. Work Well.

As an actor, alignment is so important and that’s been
difficult working from home. The few simple adjustments I made with the help of this company have already decreased my back pain and made it easier to move/breathe in my drama school classes!

bySophia onSit Well. Work Well.
So Helpful!

Despite looking at the Alexander technique at drama school, I hadn’t considered the importance or the help it would provide when it comes to working from home. I found the advice I received to be so targeted to what I needed and specific to me and my working environment, which was unique and absolutely has improved my ability to work at home.

byHajera B. onSit Well. Work Well.
Confident working from home

When we first went into lockdown and were asked to work from home instead of our fully-equipped office, I wasn't prepared for many things, not least of which the damage it could do to your body. After several weeks of working from home, I experienced pretty severe neck and shoulder pain. That's when I got in touch with Alan who offered some tips for adjusting my makeshift work station at home. He made me realize that you don't need expensive equipment to work comfortably. His expert advice has made a huge difference in how I feel about working from home. Not only are the pains gone but I also feel a lot less stressed about working from home than before. Now that it looks like home working will likely extend for a few more months to come, I feel confident about the situation and prepared for it.

byAlan B. onSit Well. Work Well.
Great Service!

Working from home since March, I started to develop pains in my neck, right shoulder, and lower back. I heard about the Sit Well, Work Well service and decided to give it ago. During the one-to-one consultation, I received excellent guidance on how to adjust my existing workplace set up to improve my posture. I am now working much more comfortably and the niggling pains in my neck and shoulders have almost gone. What I also really appreciated is that I wasn’t pressured into buying any new or specialized equipment instead the focus was on making easy practical changes. I don’t have the luxury of separate working space so working from home means using my dining table and the last thing I wanted was to turn my living space into an office.

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