Value for money

A unique benefit of Sit well. Work well is its affordability. The only organisation we have been able to find offering a service with some similarities but with no Alexander Technique expertise charges £114 for an online consultation plus the cost of any new equipment they recommend. Our charge is a flat fee of £50 and our aim is to improve your existing work station set up, not to saddle you with a large bill for new equipment.

What the fee covers:

  • Analysis of your completed questionnaire and photo showing your usual way of working at your computer.
  • 20-30 minute one to one consultation with Alan Bignell who will give you a report on the above and make recommendations to improve both your current workstation set up and how you are using yourself when working at your computer. Also general advice about working from home.
  • Demonstration of an Alexander Technique themed exercise to lengthen the back and encourage letting go throughout the body.
  • After the consultation an email report summarising recommendations and points covered during the session.
  • An optional follow up call after one month to see how you are managing with the suggested recommendations.
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